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Finding Your Niche’ In Voiceovers

“I’m NEW to Voice Overs, What Do I DO!?”


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Brad Dassey Voice Overs

The BEST Voice For Promos and Commercials



June 28, 2012

Hey, it’s Brad Dassey again from Best Promo Voice Overs.com and I’m here to help you recognize your, Brand or Niche’.  Everyone has some kind of Niche’ in voiceover and you certainly can’t be the BEST at EVERYTHING!  So finding your niche’ is a good way to help organize your voice over career.

First off, I like to start my day off with a good ol’ cup of Folgers coffee.  I believe the hotness of the coffee stimulates and warms up my throat.  I find it to clear out a lot of what I call, “morning junk” from the night before.  I feel that the caffeine also helps me stay more alert and ready for my day.  It jolts my nervous system and keeps me motivated.  I also do my regular vocal warm ups as well, but we’ll cover that another time.  And there are so many controversies about coffee, so, just do whatever you feel works BEST for you!

Alright, enough about the controversies on coffee, lets get down to business.  So you’re probably saying, “I’m new to voice overs, where do I start?”  Well, first off, congratulations for wanting to even get INTO the voiceover business!  You’re on your way to a great career!  Not only a GREAT career, an EXCITING one at that!  Although it takes a lot of TIME, PRACTICE, PATIENCE and SKILL.  I believe its so great because it sure beats a regular 9 to 5 job any day!


First off, we should probably recognize the MANY different types of voice over projects out there and if you want to get into voice over, you might as well have great voice over demos to WOW your potential clients and listeners.  Your voice over demos showcase your work and they have GOT to be good.  Buying a cheap Wal-Mart computer microphone isn’t going to cut it.

For those of you that have been following my voice over podcast for some time now, you know that I like to break things down and make things SIMPLE.  So, I’m going to break it down for you.  I sound like a broken record, I know.  I like simple, it keeps things, well, SIMPLE!

I COULD try and list all of the different audio/video voice projects, but that would take all day.  I know you haven’t gotten all day and either do I.  So for now, I’m going to just give you a handful of different types of voice jobs out there today.  I like the number Five, so we’ll just go with Five for now.

Five different types of voice over projects out in the business today:

Short and Long Form Narration: Other than radio commercials and promos, anything over a minute to Three minutes is considered short form narration.  Long form narration consists of anything Three minutes and over.  Your typical TV documentaries would be considered long form narration.  Also another long form narrative would be your audio books.  Audio books are a big hit these days because nobody wants to sit and READ a book when they can LISTEN to it on their work out, in their car or maybe even just lying in bed.

There are plenty of jobs out there that involve narration.  Your CD Roms, Audio Books, maybe some Android or iPhone apps, free or for sale are just some of the many jobs available. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Radio Commercials, TV Commercials & Promos: Radio promos can be anywhere in length from :10 to :15 seconds, or :30 seconds, :45 seconds and also :60 seconds.  Typical radio and TV commercials last about :30 to :60 seconds in duration.  Sometimes even a quick plug in between programming would be a quick promo.

Voice-Mail greetings, IVR, On Hold Messaging and Promotion: “Hi!  Thank you for calling so and so company.  For English, please press 1.  For Spanish, please press 2.  You press two and the lady on the other side finally says, “Nobody’s ever pressed 2 before!  I don’t know how to speak Spanish!”  Just kidding.  Sometimes companies will hire outsiders to cover the Spanish parts if you do not know how to speak Spanish or any other type of language.

Your typical on hold messaging and promotional messages will have music in the background underneath your voice explaining about the business and appreciating the customer for waiting on hold.  “Thank you for calling so and so company.  We realize your time is valuable!  Assistance is just a moment away.”  Or, “So and so company has been providing such and such product for umpteen years.  We take great pride in our work to deliver the best possible quality for you.  Please continue to hold.”

Movie Trailers: This is pretty self explanatory, but as you can remember the famous, Don LaFontaine voice, “In a world of un-imaginary blah blah blah and some other blah, this and that happens.”  RIP Don, your voice will live on FOREVER man!  Sometimes a voice is needed to promote an upcoming product that will hit shelves in stores in an upcoming date, so this way, if a movie promo guy sells a product on a DVD for an upcoming release, people can expect and be ready for it and by which certain date.

Radio Imaging: Last but not least, your typical radio stations you listen to have, “You’re listening to such and such radio station!”  In a deep, grumbly voice, or maybe upbeat voice, or warm and calm voice.  All stations are different, but in between songs and at the top of the hour is called the Radio Station Identification or Legal ID.  All stations are required by the FCC to notify everyone as to which station they are listening to, their call letters, their City license as to which the city they are licensed with to broadcast from and so forth.  The first city name listed in their, “Top Of The Hour” Call Letters, usually states what city they are licensed out of.  “You’re listening to WXYZ!”  Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh.  Now, back to more of your favorite hits, right here on WXYZ!”

There are SO many projects you could do!  I mean, you could voice a new app for a game, a documentary, a TV show, movie trailer, on hold message, voice greeting, audio book, podcast, announcement at an event, the possibilities are ENDLESS with voice overs!  This is one of the reasons getting into the voice over business is so AMAZING!  You’re never doing the same project again and again.  Also, you can take YOUR creative mind and put it to work for YOUR clients, not only HELPING them, but creating a NAME for yourself!

Take care.

One DEADLY Mistake While Recording Voice Overs

Tips and Tricks While Recording Voice Overs

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Brad Dassey Voice Overs

The BEST Voice For Promos and Commercials



June 7, 2012

Hey, it’s Brad Dassey again from Best Promo Voice Overs.com and I’m here to let you in on three little tricks that can help IMPROVE your VO skills and one of them is a DEADLY mistake you MUST avoid while in the voice over industry!

First of all, just RELAX.  Take a deep breath, hold it, count to 10 and let it out….  There, I feel better, how bout you?  Ok, lets get started!

So, I have a few tips and tricks to give you this week, when recording voice overs.  Now, take these to heart, because one of them COULD cost you your voice over career!  I mean, just consider yourself LUCKY to even have the voice over jobs you receive, because you KNOW just how MANY people are out in the voice industry!  TONS!  The job could have very well been awarded to someone else, you know.  So if you aren’t already thankful for each and every job you get, BE THANKFUL.  Every little bit helps to advance you to the next stage in voiceover!

Ok, lets get right to it, the first tip I have for you is CRITICAL to your voice career and new voice over jobs from here on out!  I am guilty of this myself!  If you don’t handle your recordings in a very mature and professional manner, chances are, you could end up sending the WRONG files to your clients and then you have let the cat out of the bag and it’s not going to be a very FRIENDLY cat, at that!  Now I’m sounding like Dr. Seuss.

Tip 1: NEVER, I mean NEVER mumble things in the background while recording your voice over scripts!!!  I don’t care if you are practicing, or taking a straight ONE-SHOT.  The worst thing you need is blurting out how you feel about the client, the product, the service or even how HORRIBLE the script is written!  Even worse, dropping the ol’ F bomb in the background!  Even if you might think to yourself or mumble under your breath, “I can’t believe how HORRIBLE this script is!  I mean, my KID could write a better voice over script for gosh sake!  Man, these people REALLY need to go back to grammar school.”  Don’t do it!  Chances are, if you SAVE that RAW, unedited file, you might end up sending it to the client!

Tip 2: If you have a hard time reading small print in the voice over scripts the client sends you, just copy and paste it into Microsoft Word and ENLARGE it.  This way it’s so much easier to read.  I know it wastes a bit more paper, but I usually save my old scripts and print on the back-side of every paper.  This way it saves me money and it’s being eco-friendly!  And always, ALWAYS recycle old scripts after you are finished.  I usually save my scripts for a good 30 to 60 days, JUST in case the client calls back to make a change or has me RE-voice a certain part or parts.  It’s good to have the copy on hand so you can just get it right out and get right to it without having to go into your e-mail, RE-printing it out, wasting valuable TIME and MONEY and INK!  We all know how EXPENSIVE ink is these days.  Take it from me, I used to be in the ink refill business.  It’s quite COSTLY.

Tip 3: Now, it’s so EASY for clients and newbie script writers to have TONS and TONS of run on sentences and grammatical errors in their scripts.  This is why I ABSOLUTELY read new scripts over a few times, fixing any grammatical errors, any run on sentences they may have, or if something simply doesn’t sound right, I would just alter the script a little bit, making it EASIER for ME to read and also HELPING the client strengthen their script.  First, I would get their permission of course, then, I would send the revisions BACK to them making sure they are OK with the corrections.

Remember, EXCELLENT service is about going ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty to HELP your clients!  This way, not only will they REMEMBER that, but they will most likely RECOMMEND you for your AWESOME service as well!  I’m not saying completely write the entire script over, costing you precious time.  If you had to completely write a new script, I would totally charge extra for time well spent on writing a killer voice over script.

Lastly while I am talking about script writing, if you ever run into a word that is HARD to pronounce as the way they have it spelt on the script, just break it down and spell it out, or simply spell it the way it SOUNDS rather than it reads.  This way when you come across it when reading your voice over scripts, you won’t have any trouble pronouncing it while voicing it.  It should just FLOW right out like a river with no problems!

Well, I hope I’ve taught you a valuable lesson while recording voice overs.  DON’T mumble in the background, AVOID saying anything that COULD cost you your voice over job!  I mean, voice over jobs are hard to come by these days.  Take your work AND your client SERIOUSLY and get in the habit of NOT saying anything in the background.  This way you won’t have to worry in the long run if you may or may not have said anything in the recording.

Take care.

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